Minor in Women and Gender Studies

The graduate minor in Women and Gender Studies requires 9-15 semester credit hours. The Graduate College and the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies offers this interdisciplinary program that concentrates on the images and realities of women. Drawing on recent scholarship about women and gender, this minor provides a flexible, coherent program that enables students to complement any major with the study of the significance of gender. The women and gender studies minor helps students create opportunities for themselves in a rapidly changing society.

Required Courses
WS 5376Images of Women3
WS 5377Realities of Women3
Prescribed Electives
Choose 3 to 9 hours of courses from the following:3-9
Mexican American Culture
Gender and Sexuality in Cross Cultural Perspective
Seminar in Human Communication Theory
Historical Rhetoric and Social Influence
Gender and Communication
Counseling Women
Diversity Studies: Theories & Issues
Contemporary Fiction
Studies in American Poetry
Studies in American Prose
Studies in the Romantic Movement
Studies in Victorian Poetry
Studies in Victorian Prose
Studies in Literature for Children or Adolescents
History of Children’s Literature
Problems in Language and Literature
American Sexualities
Queer History: GLBT Histories in the United States
Women's Rights in Comparative Perspective
Women and Empire
Gender and Citizenship
Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Labor History
US Women's History
Gender, Race, and Class in the Media
Public Health Issues in Human Sexuality Education
Applied Philosophy
Philosophy of Sex and Love
Problems in Philosophy
Psychology of Women
Gender and Sexuality in College
Seminar on the Sociology of Gender
Gender and Aging in Society
Social Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
Studies in Spanish Culture, Language, or Literature (Independent Study)
Independent Research in Women and Gender Studies
Total Hours9-15