Minor in Methods and Materials

Elementary Education - Methods and Materials

Graduate Advisor Approved Electives 16-12

 Hours required depends on major options chosen. Please see graduate advisor for more information.

Elementary Education - Bilingual/Bicultural - Methods and Materials

ENG 5300Language Problems in a Multicultural Enviroment3
or ENG 5310 Studies in English Language and Linguistics
SOCI 5370Seminar in Multi-Cultural Relations3
SPAN 5318Advanced Composition and Grammar3
Total Hours9

Elementary Education Teacher Fellows - Methods and Materials

CI 5375Problems in Elementary Education3
Methods and Materials Electives12
Teaching Math in the Elementary School
Creativity: Theories, Research, and Applications
Elementary Language Arts: Current Trends
Elementary Social Studies: Curriculum Problems
The Elementary School Science Curriculum
Multicultural Teaching and Learning
Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language
Curriculum and the Young Child, I (Kindergarten)
Curriculum and the Young Child, II (Kindergarten)
Understanding Self: Developing a Personal Vision of Leadership
Shaping Organizations and Using Inquiry: Management and Leadership
Introduction to Educational Technology
Advanced Educational Technology
Studies in Literature for Children or Adolescents
Practicum in Geographic Education
Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Schools
Developing Content Area Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools
Literacy Methods for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students
Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom
Independent Study in Reading Research
Seminar in Multi-Cultural Relations
Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities
Total Hours15

Secondary Education - Methods and Materials

SPED 5313Education Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders3
SPED 5334Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities3
SPED 5375Behavior Management: School Application of Applied Behavior Analysis3
SPED 5380Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports in Schools3
Total Hours12

Special Education - Methods and Materials 

CI 5303Teaching Math in the Elementary School3
or CI 5329 The Elementary School Science Curriculum
CI 5333The Secondary Curriculum3
CI 5336Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language3
CI 5337Language Acquisition and Development3
Total Hours12