Minor in Political Science

The graduate minor in Political Science requires 9 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
Choose 9 hours from the following:9
Approaches to the Study of Political Science
Political Research and Methodology
Studies in Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Social Contract Theory
Roots of American Constitutionalism
Justice and Liberty in American Thought
Contemporary Perspectives in Modern Liberalism
The Crisis of Liberalism and The Future of Democracy
Theological Perspectives in Modern Democracy
The Problem of Power and the Crisis of Modernity
Nuclear Weapons in International Politics
Tocqueville and American Democracy
Problems in American Foreign Relations
Texas Politics
The Role of Interests in America
Property, Liberty, and Popular Sovereignty
American Political Culture
American Political Discourse
The American Presidency
Congress and the Legislative Process
Seminar in Constitutional Law and Theory
The British Political Order Since 1900
Russian Politics and Josef Stalin
Economic Development in Developing Nations
Government and Politics of African States
Seminar in International Relations Theory
Problems in International Organizations
Problems in International Law
Problems in International Political Economy
International Conflict and Security
Internship in Government
Total Hours9