Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

McCoy Hall Room 404
T: 512.245.2291 F: 512.245.1452

The mission of the Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods (CISQM) is to provide relevant educational opportunities to graduate students wishing to pursue professional careers related to information systems, technology and data analytics. The department strives to create an environment for preparing individuals for a lifetime of learning and growth by producing graduates who understand the concepts and uses of information systems and are capable of applying these concepts to business and government.

CISQM graduates pursue careers as IT integrators, global enterprise system architects, database administrators, network administrators, information security analysts, business systems analysts, application developers, digital-business solution developers, and information systems managers. Graduates work for technology companies, high-tech startup companies, government agencies, accounting firms, oil companies, financial and insurance institutions, retail firms, manufacturing corporations, and consulting companies where they are succeeding at the highest levels.