Minor in Leadership Studies

The minor in Leadership Studies requires 21 semester credit hours.  The minor is interdisciplinary, including courses from the following departments: Communication Studies, Management, Philosophy, Aerospace Studies, Psychology, and the School of Health Administration. Students select two courses (6 hours) which emphasize leadership skill development and two courses (6 hours) which provide a theoretical or conceptual approach to leadership. All students in this minor will be advised by the Department of Communication Studies. Students entering the program will be contacted by the department and will be required to see an advisor before selecting elective courses. If a student is a Communication Studies major, only the core courses in Communication Studies (COMM 1310, COMM 2315, COMM 2330, COMM 2338, COMM 3301, COMM 3302) may count towards their minor in Leadership Studies.

Required Courses
COMM 2330Small Group Communication3
COMM 4347Leadership and Communication3
PHIL 3322Professional Ethics3
Skill Development
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
Public Speaking
Diversity and Inclusion: Applications for Corporate Communication and Training
Communication and Conflict Management
Nonverbal Communication
Interviewing Principles and Practices
Argumentation and Debate
Public Advocacy and Civic Engagement
Professional Communication
Communication Training and Human Resource Development
Communication Internship
Theoretical Concepts or Approaches
Choose 6 hours the following:6
Rhetoric, Race, and Memory
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Intercultural Communication
Diversity and Communication
Social Media in Organizations
Intercultural Communication in the Americas
Organizational Rhetoric
Ethics in the Health Professions
Supervisory Management for Healthcare Managers
Social Psychology 1
Industrial Psychology 1
Management of Organizations
Leadership and Management I
Leadership and Management II
Total Hours21