Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register using Texas State Self-Service can be found on the Office of the University Registrar's registration webpage. Links to additional information such as the academic calendar, the time ticket schedule, registration holds, instructions for dropping a class, and information regarding withdrawing from a term may also be found there. 

Academic Advising

Texas State University encourages all students to seek academic advising before registration for an upcoming term begins and any other time academic questions arise. For some departments, schools, colleges and certain student populations, this advising may be mandatory. Students who are undecided about their major are advised through the University College. Other students may be advised through the department of their major and/or in the appropriate college advising center. Advisors help students understand academic requirements and plan schedules to meet those requirements as well as address the choice of majors and career preparation issues.

Undergraduate Student Classification

Classifications are based on the number of overall earned hours. The overall earned hours calculation includes hours earned at Texas State University including courses with grades of CR (i.e. CLEP, AP, departmental exams) and hours earned at other colleges or universities. In-progress courses are not considered in determining classification.

    Classification                                                             Number of Hours

Freshman 0-29 hours
Sophomore 30-59 hours
Junior 60-89 hours
Senior 90+ hours

Course Numbers

Courses listed in this catalog and in the Schedule of Classes follow a four-digit numbering system. The first digit indicates the level of the course: 1–freshman, 2–sophomore, 3–junior, 4–senior, 5–, 6–master’s, and 7–doctoral. The second digit indicates the number of semester credit hours the course carries. The last two digits usually indicate the location of the course in the department/school’s curriculum. A letter (A, B, C, etc.) attached to a course number usually indicates a topics course. The numbers in parentheses following a course title indicate the clock hours per week spent in lecture and in laboratory, respectively.