Student Learning Assistance Center

Alkek Library 411
T: 512.245.2515 F: 512.245.3002

Texas State’s Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) provides a wide range of academic support programs for the needs of a diverse student population. Whether students are seeking help with course content, study skills, or test preparation, SLAC provides assistance with a walk-in tutoring lab, the Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC), Supplemental Instruction, prelaw advising, campus presentations, and online services.

Texas State students can take advantage of tutoring services by visiting SLAC's learning lab. The Learning Lab provides academic assistance in business courses such as accounting, economics, and finance; sciences such as physics, biology, and chemistry; English and writing; statistics; computer information systems; history; philosophy; languages such as Spanish; and several levels of math courses.

The Lab also contains study materials and handouts, on a wide range of topics and levels, from correcting comma splices to preparing for graduate school.

In addition to the Learning Lab, SLAC also houses Texas State's Veteran Academic Success Center, a holistic veteran-to-veteran tutoring and mentoring initiative. 

Students may also visit SLAC for assistance in preparing for the admissions tests for graduate (GRE), law (LSAT), and business (GMAT) schools.

Supplemental Instruction, a nontraditional approach to collaborative learning, provides structured group study for students in historically difficult courses ranging from the liberal arts to science and math-based courses. Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI’s) act as role models and facilitate multiple study sessions per week in order to assist students, not only with course content, but also with the development of positive study skills and habits.

SLAC staff members continually foster outreach in the campus community by providing informational and interactive presentations on test-taking and anxiety management, learning preference, time management, note-taking, and other topics. Upon request, SLAC’s staff will design specialized programs on study skills and academic improvement to fit the needs of a campus club, organization, or professor. In addition, SLAC works to facilitate the College Note-Taking session of BOBCAT Preview by showing incoming freshmen proper techniques and giving tips for successfully negotiating a college lecture.

SLAC also provides Texas State students with a number of online resources. By visiting, students can access tutoring schedules and hours for the Learning Lab and VASC, the times and locations of Supplemental Instruction sessions, information regarding becoming a Lab tutor or SI Leader, content area handouts, and test preparation materials. SLAC also maintains an Online Writing Lab (OWL), providing tutoring in an electronic format accessible via email.

Because of health and safety of Texas State students in imperative to us, SLAC is offering virtual access to many of it's services online via the Zoom platform. Additional details about accessing each of these services is available at

While all SLAC services are available to students at the Round Rock campus, students may wish to visit for available updates or additional options and services.