Auditing Courses

Those who wish to audit a course must be accepted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (by completing the Transient application on the ApplyTexas website), and approved by the school, department, or program offering the course.  Audit status must be declared at registration. Participation in class discussion and examinations are optional with the instructor. Auditors receive no course credit but are expected to attend class regularly. With departmental/school approval, a student who has audited a course may later take the course for credit.

After registering for class(es), the student must contact the Office of the University Registrar in person by the 4th class day in the summer, or by the 12th class day in the fall or spring.  Check the university’s Academic Calendar for the exact date.  Auditors will pay the same fees as if the course(s) were taken for credit. The course(s) will be entered on their transcript record, but the student will not receive credit for the course(s).

Citizens 65 or older may audit courses without payment of a fee if space is available. Registration is permitted just prior to the start of the semester, with reduction made by the tuition adjustment clerk, Student Business Services (JCK Administration Building), before registering.