Extension Studies

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Toll-free: 800-511-8656

The Office of Online & Extended Programs offers many college courses not normally offered through the academic departments/schools. Extension courses may be offered on campus, online, hybrid/blended, or as part of a faculty-led Study-in-America or Off-Campus program. Study in America offers unique experiential learning opportunities in professional and community settings that enable students to apply knowledge, acquire marketable skills, and develop career readiness. The times and locations for such courses depend on student need, faculty availability, and demand.

The following regulations govern Texas State extension study:

  • Students do not have to be currently enrolled or admitted to a college or university to take an extension course.
  • Enrollment in an extension course does not constitute official admission to the university.
  • Students from other institutions who wish to transfer extension credit should obtain prior approval of their home institution.
  • If enrollment in extension courses creates an academic overload, students must have prior, written approval of their college dean and department chair/school director.
  • Transcript records are maintained for all credit earned by extension.
  • Unless a student is granted a waiver by the academic department of the student's major, a maximum of thirty semester hours for Texas State credit may be completed through a combination of correspondence, extension, Study in America, and Education Abroad courses.
  • Students on active suspension from Texas State are not eligible to enroll in courses for extension credit.
  • Texas residents or persons attending public colleges or universities in Texas are subject to compliance with Texas Success Initiative Program regulations.
  • Students are responsible for ascertaining whether credit for an extension course will apply to a particular program and whether it will transfer to another institution.
  • Extension courses completed through Texas State are applicable toward residency requirements.
  • For a student who is residing outside of the state of Texas and who is not planning to relocate to Texas before beginning an online extension course, Texas State University must be approved to accept student enrollments from the student's state of residency. Students may visit the State Authorization page to determine whether Texas State may accept student enrollments from particular states.