Education Abroad

Thornton International House
344 W. Woods Street
Telephone: 512-245-1967 

An education abroad experience expands students’ intellectual and personal development as they become immersed in other cultures. Students gain a critical self-awareness, an appreciation for a multicultural world, and a clearer understanding of their own culture. Education abroad prepares students to assume their role as responsible world citizens and to succeed professionally in today’s global environment. Education Abroad offers unique experiential learning opportunities in professional and community settings that enables students to apply knowledge, acquire marketable skills, and develop career readiness.

The Education Abroad office offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of education abroad programs in hundreds of locations around the world. The academic credit students earn may be applied toward a degree at Texas State. Some of these programs involve direct enrollment in an overseas institution, while other programs are led by Texas State faculty.

Through Texas State Education Abroad programs, students can spend from one week to a full academic year in another country either learning another language, concentrating their studies related to a specific topic in their field of study, or participating in an internship. Texas State Education Abroad programs include a variety of activities that allow students to learn and experience the culture of the host country. In some of these programs, students may take the opportunity to live with a host family and become fully immersed in the culture of the host country for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Program locations vary from year to year. Students may learn more about these programs from current information located on the Education Abroad website.

The Education Abroad Fair, as well as many other events and presentations, are held throughout the year to provide information to students interested in studying, teaching, interning, volunteering, working, and/or researching abroad.

Financial Assistance for Education Abroad Programs

Most of the financial aid that students would normally receive for studying at Texas State may be applied toward Texas State Education Abroad programs. Additionally, there are colleges and education abroad providers that offer financial support for participating in their programs. If a student is receiving federal or state financial aid, it is recommended that the student speak with a representative of the Texas State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine the application of such aid to any Education Abroad program and the possible adjustment to meet the student’s needs.

Education Abroad also has information on internal and external scholarships that are available to students who plan to participate in an education abroad program. The International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) is funded through the student service fee account and distributed in a competition open to all undergraduate and graduate Texas State students who meet the established eligibility requirements.