Minor in Women’s Studies

The minor in Women's Studies requires 18 semester credit hours.  The minor offers an interdisciplinary program that concentrates on the images and realities of women. Drawing on recent scholarship on women and gender, the Women’s Studies minor provides a flexible, coherent program that enables students to consider the significance of gender.

On a personal level, courses in this program enhance the human potential of both men and women, because knowledge about how societies construct gender relations can encourage students to examine their own attitudes and behavior. On an academic level, a minor in Women’s Studies provides study of the ongoing scholarship about women and gender and offers students the opportunity for exciting intellectual growth. On a professional level, the minor provides a valuable specialty to prepare students for opportunities in a variety of fields, including business, counseling, education, government, health and medicine, human resources, law, politics, psychology, social work, and graduate studies. The Women’s Studies minor helps students recognize their opportunities in a rapidly changing society and flexibly complements any major.

The two required core courses examine the images of women that are prevalent in Western culture (with examples being drawn from films, literature, visual arts, and popular music) as well as those topics and issues related to the realities of women’s lives. Topics courses, offered on a selective basis, may also count toward the minor with permission from the Women’s Studies Program Director.

Required Courses
WS 3376Images of Women3
WS 3377Realities of Women3
Choose 12 hours from the following:12
Mexican American Culture
Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective
Culture, Medicine and the Body
Women and Criminal Justice
Communication and Gender
Introduction to Diversity Studies
Introduction to Global Diversity Issues
Women and Literature
Women Writers of the Middle Ages
Sexuality Across the Lifespan
Gender, Appearance, and Society
Sexuality Education
Black Women and Black Protest in America
U.S. Women's History to 1877
U.S. Women's History since 1877
The History of Rural Women
Gender in Latin American History
Gender & Militarization in the Arab World
Women and Texas Music
The Nature of the Human Experience: Technology & Gender in Film
From White Slavery to Sex Trafficking
Women and Minorities in the Media
Latinas/Latinos and the Media
Women in Jazz
Philosophy of Sex and Love
Feminist Theory
Women in Politics
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Psychology of Women
Men, Women, and Societies
Sociology of Sexuality
Women, Minorities and Marginal Groups in Medieval Spanish Literature
Independent Research in Women’s Studies
Total Hours18