Minor in Peace and Social Justice

The minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies requires 18 semester credit hours.

Required Course
HIST 4350XPeace and Nonviolence Movements3
or HON 2304C Nonviolence and Sustainable Social Change
or PHIL 4360C Philosophy, Nonviolence, Sustainability, and Social Change
Prescribed Electives
Choose 15 hours from the following:15
Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
Urban Geography
Political Geography
American Ethnic Geography
Cultural and Political Ecology
Modern Revolutions in Latin American History
African American History
Popular Music and Social Movements in 20th Century America
Black Women and Black Protest in America
U.S. Women's History to 1877
U.S. Women's History since 1877
Topics in Working Class History
The Desegregation of the South from 1944-1970
Democracy and Education
Mahatma Gandhi and Nonviolence
Peace and Nonviolence Movements
Economic and Social History of the Americas
Nonviolence and Sustainable Social Change
America in the 1960s: A History of Movements and Ideas
Sociology of Latinos and Immigration
Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations
Society and Environment
Special Topics in Sociology
Hip Hop and Social Justice for Individual and Community Change
Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work
Total Hours18