Minor in Forensic Psychology

Forensic is defined as “evidence” or “relating to, used in, or appropriate for courts of law.” This minor looks at forensic issues from both psychological and criminal justice perspectives. The minor is suitable for criminal justice majors or any individual wishing to pursue a background in psychology and criminal justice. The minor also would be good preparation for those individuals wishing to pursue pre-law or social work and for individuals considering graduate coursework in forensic psychology.  This minor is not allowed in the Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology.

A minor in Forensic Psychology requires 21 hours, including the following:

CJ 1310Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 2360Fundamentals of Criminal Law3
CJ 3329Forensic Evidence3
PSY 3315Abnormal Psychology3
or PSY 3316 Personality Psychology
PSY 3331Social Psychology3
PSY 3335Forensic Psychology3
Select one of the following:3
Forensic Anthropology
Crime Theory and Victimization
An elective approved by the Department
Total Hours21

Enrollment in the required PSY courses assumes that majors will have completed PSY 1300 as part of their social science core curriculum component. If not, PSY 1300 is a prerequisite for PSY 3315, PSY 3316, PSY 3331, and PSY 3335. The prerequisite requirements for CJ 3329 and CJ 4340 will be waived only for students pursuing this minor. This is justified by the fact that students will be exploring many of the issues covered in those requisite courses in the psychology coursework portion of the minor.