Minor in Sport Psychology

The minor in Sport Psychology requires 21 semester credit hours.  Sport Psychology examines the relationships between psychological concepts, theories and an individual’s thoughts toward health and exercise. Current theoretical perspectives of personality factors in exercise, why people exercise, exercise adherence, mental skills and the psychological effects of exercise will be investigated. The minor will focus on topics such as methods of training and coaching, teamwork and leadership, motivation and stress, and social issues in sport. Students will study the relationships between brain biology and behavior. Students will learn to apply psychological theories and perspectives toward understanding thoughts about exercise, an individual’s willingness to exercise, choice of exercise, and to assess the relationships between physical health and mental health. This minor is not allowed in the Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology.

Enrollment in the required PSY courses assumes that majors will have completed PSY 1300 as part of their social and behavioral science component of the general education core curriculum. If not, PSY 1300 is a prerequisite for PSY 3321, PSY 3331, PSY 3350, PSY 3361, PSY 3322, and PSY 3336.

Required Courses
ESS 3323Psychosocial Aspects of Exercise of Sport Sciene3
ESS 3329Motor Learning3
PSY 3321Sensation and Perception3
or PSY 3322 Brain and Behavior
PSY 3331Social Psychology3
PSY 3336Sport Psychology3
PSY 3350Cognitive Behavioral Therapies3
or PSY 3361 Health Psychology
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Philosophy and Sport
Sociology of Sport and Leisure
Choose 3 hours of an advisor-approved elective
Total Hours21