Minor in Mariachi

The minor in Mariachi requires 18 semester credit hours. The Mariachi minor is available only to students in the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Music Studies. Students must complete all four of the applied music hours on the primary instrument they play in the mariachi ensemble.

Required Courses
MU 4157Mariachi Ensemble Teaching Lab (Take 2 times)2
MUSE 3103Texas State Mariachi (Take 6 times)6
MUSE 3028Latin Music Studies Seminar (Take 6 times)0
Choose 4 hours from the following: 14
Mariachi Melodia Techniques (Take up to 3 times)
Mariachi Armonia Techniques (Take up to 2 times)
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
World Musics
Introduction to Latina/o Studies
Latina/o Identities, Communities and Social Change
Total Hours18