Minor in Music Composition

The minor in Music Composition requires 18 semester credit hours. The Music Composition minor is available only to students in the program for Bachelor of Music major in Music Studies, Bachelor of Music major in Performance, or for Bachelor of Science major in Sound Recording Technology.

Required Courses
MU 3050Junior Recital0
MU 4334Orchestration 13
MU 433618th-Century Counterpoint 13
MUSP 1180Introduction to Composition1
MUSP 1280Applied Composition2
MUSP 2280Applied Composition (Taken 2 times)4
MUSP 3280Applied Composition2
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
World Musics 2
Music and Film
Form and Analysis
Contemporary Analytic Techniques
Piano Techniques III 2
Piano Techniques IV 2
Electronic Music I
Total Hours18