Minor in Opera

The minor in Opera requires 20 semester credit hours. The Opera minor is available only to students in the Bachelor of Music major in Performance (Vocal Concentration). 

Required Courses
MUSE 3107Opera Theatre 12
TH 1365Intermediate Acting3
TH 2330Stagecraft and Stage Lighting3
TH 3360Beginning Stage Combat3
MUSE 3026Student Chamber Music (2 semesters)0
Choose 4 hours from the following: 24
Beginning French I
Beginning German I
Beginning Italian I
Choose TWO of the following courses:2
Beginning Jazz
Intermediate Jazz 3
Beginning Recreational Dance
Beginning Ballet
Intermediate Ballet 3
Beginning Modern Dance
Intermediate Modern Dance 3
Beginning Fencing
Intermediate Fencing
Advancd Fencing
Fencing – Epee
Choose ONE of the following:3
Advanced Stagecraft
Stage Makeup
Costume Stagecraft
Stage Lighting
Stage Management
Total Hours20