Minor in Opera

The minor in Opera requires 20 semester credit hours. The Opera minor is available only to students in the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Performance (Vocal Concentration). 

Required Courses
MUSE 3107Opera Theatre (Take 2 times)2
TH 1365Intermediate Acting3
TH 2330Stagecraft and Stage Lighting3
TH 3360Beginning Stage Combat3
MUSE 3009Opera Production (Take 2 times)0
Choose 4 hours from the following: 14
Beginning French I
Beginning German I
Beginning Italian I
Choose TWO of the following courses:2
Beginning Jazz
Intermediate Jazz 2
Beginning Recreational Dance
Beginning Ballet
Intermediate Ballet 2
Beginning Modern Dance
Intermediate Modern Dance 2
Choose ONE of the following:3
Advanced Stagecraft
Stage Makeup
Costume Stagecraft
Stage Lighting
Stage Management
Total Hours20