Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Major in Music Studies (String Concentration Teacher Certification in Music, Early Childhood through Grade Twelve)

Minimum required: 131 semester credit hours

Admission Requirements

  1. All students in the School of Music require admission to the university and admission to the program.  For audition guidelines and requirements, prospective undergraduate students should visit:
  2. Students wanting to enter the music program as a music major (B.A., B.M., B.S. degrees) must submit an online application and audition on their principal instrument or voice the semester before their desired entrance.
  3. All students pursuing teacher certification must apply and be accepted to the Office of Educator Preparation once all course requirements and successful completion of the School of Music's Upper Level Competency Review have been met in order to officially complete the Bachelor of Music major in Music Studies degree program.
  4. Admission to the School of Music is contingent upon admission to Texas State, successful completion of the audition process, and available space in each studio. Moreover, a successful audition does not automatically ensure acceptance to the School of Music. Transfer students' transcripts will be evaluated by an academic advisor prior to an acceptance decision to ensure that acceptance and successful degree plan completion are possible here at Texas State.  Prospective music students will not be permitted to enroll in applied music and other music major classes until they have been accepted based on their audition and met with an academic advisor. Auditions are held periodically throughout the year for enrollment the following academic year. Those prospective music students unable to audition in person due to geographic distance from campus may submit an audio or video recording representative of their performing abilities that meet the audition guidelines for their instrument or voice. The deadline to submit a recorded audition is March 1 (for Fall admission) or November 1 (for Spring admission). Audition requirements are available on the School of Music website.

General Requirements

  1. The general education core curriculum courses are listed in the degree plan below along with the statewide component code number. See the General Education Core Curriculum section of this catalog for the Texas State requirements and options in the core curriculum, including Honors courses.

  2. To satisfy graduation requirements for this concentration, students must have at least a 2.75 Overall GPA, as well as grades of “C” or better in all courses within the major(s), teaching field(s), certification area(s), and/or in the Minor in Education.”
  3. In addition to the major requirements, students must also complete 15 hours of professional sequence courses through the College of Education. All coursework must be completed prior to EDST 4380 and EDST 4381.
  4. Piano Proficiency (Level III)
  5. Theory Proficiency
  6. Upper Level Competency Review (ULCR)
  7. All music majors must participate in the appropriate major ensemble for their instrument each semester until all major ensemble requirements for the degree have been completed. No more than one major and one secondary ensemble will be counted toward the student’s degree plan per semester. While not required in the degree plan, continued participation in major ensembles after degree requirements are completed is encouraged.

  8. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires multiple background checks for progression through the Educator Preparation Program. Based on information recorded in your criminal history, you may be ineligible for issuance of a teaching certificate upon completion of the Educator Preparation Program. If you have a criminal history, you may obtain a Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation from TEA. For more information, go to:

  9. For transfer students, 31 semester credit hours in Music (or equivalents) may be transferred from a Texas public institution of higher education for the Music Field of Study and be applied to the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Music Studies at Texas State University. More information about the Field of Study is available in the Academic Policies section of this catalog. The transferable Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) is listed below the Texas State University course number in the following course list.

    MU 1315Music Theory I3
    TCCN: MUSI 1311
    MU 1316Music Theory II3
    TCCN: MUSI 1312
    MU 2315Music Theory III3
    TCCN: MUSI 2311
    MU 2316Music Theory IV3
    TCCN: MUSI 2312
    MU 1115Aural Skills I1
    TCCN: MUSI 1116
    MU 1116Aural Skills II1
    TCCN: MUSI 1117
    MU 2115Aural Skills III1
    TCCN: MUSI 2116
    MU 2116Aural Skills IV1
    TCCN: MUSI 2117
    MU 2303Survey of Music Literature3
    TCCN: MUSI 1307
    4 semester credit hours of Ensembles from the following: MUSE 3120, MUSE 3123, MUSE 3130, MUSE 3131, and MUSE 31504
    TCCN: 4 hours from MUEN 11XX and 21XX
    8 semester credit hours of Applied Study from the following: MUSP 1240, MUSP 1250, MUSP 1260, MUSP 1170 (2 sections), MUSP 2240, MUSP 2250, MUSP 2260, MUSP 2170 (2 sections)8
    TCCN: 8 hours from MUAP 11XX, 12XX, 21XX and 22XX
    Total Hours31

Course Requirements 

Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MU 10000MU 10000
MU 1115 (TCCN MUSI 1116)1MU 1116 (TCCN MUSI 1117)1
MU 1315 (TCCN MUSI 1311)3MU 1316 (TCCN MUSI 1312)3
MUSE 31501MUSE 31501
MUSP 1135 (TCCN MUSI 1181)1MUSP 11361
MU 11501MU 21231
US 1100 (music education section)1ENG 1320 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1302])3
ENG 1310 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1301])3POSI 2320 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2305])3
POSI 2310 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2306])3PHIL 1305 or 1320 (Language, Philosophy, and Culture Component Code 040 [TCCN PHIL 1301 or 2306])3
Mathematics Component Code 0203 
 19 18
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MU 20000MU 20000
MU 2115 (TCCN MUSI 2116)1MU 21161
MU 2315 (TCCN MUSI 2311)3MU 23163
MUSP 22xx [TCCN MUAP 22XX]2MUSP 22xx2
MUSE 31501MUSE 31501
MUSP 31971MUSE 3026 (secondary ensemble)0
COMM 1310 (Component Area Option Code 090/091 [TCCN SPCH 1311])3MUSP 31651
American History Component Code 0603MUSP 31661
ART 2313, DAN 2313, MU 2313, or TH 2313 (Creative Arts Component Code 050 [TCCN HUMA 1315)3MU 3315 or 33163
 MU 31401
 MU 33723
 American History Component Code 0603
 17 19
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MU 30000MU 30000
MUSP 32xx2MUSP 32xx2
MUSE 31501MUSE 31501
MUSE 3026 (secondary ensemble)0MU 33173
MU 32072MUSP 32752
MU 33403MU 32172
MUSP 33653MU 32532
MUSP 33553Social and Behavioral Sciences Component Code 0803
Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303
 17 18
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MUSP 42xx2EDST 43803
MU 40500EDST 43813
MUSE 31501 
Choose one of the following:2 
CI 43703 
CI 43723 
RDG 33233 
ENG Literature (Component Area Option Code 090/094) [TCCN ENGL 2322, 2323, 2332, 2333, 2327 or 2328]3 
 17 6
Total Hours: 131