Academic Departmental Requirements

Academic Program Entry Requirements

In addition to gaining general admission to the University, some academic programs at Texas State have their own entry requirements. It is possible that some students may be offered general admission to Texas State but not admitted to their major and, as a result, will have to start their program classified as a "pre-major" (for example: pre-communication studies). Students interested in pursuing one of these majors are not eligible to graduate in their program until they have completed the entry requirements, a departmental application and upper-level courses required by the department.

For a list of majors with additional entry requirements separate from general admission, please visit the Program Entry Requirements page for complete information on each major.

Teacher Education Program

To be eligible for a Texas teaching certificate, a student must first be admitted to the university, then they can apply for admission to the teacher preparation program through the Office of Educator Preparation. Information regarding these requirements can be found in the College of Education section of this catalog.