Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies requires 24 semester credit hours.  No more than three courses, including core courses, in a single department may count toward this minor. A course may not be used to satisfy both a major and a minor requirement. Students should check with individual departments for course prerequisites. Relevant Honors courses and special topics courses may be substituted with permission from the Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Required Courses
ENG 2310British Literature before 17853
or ENG 2330 World Literature before 1600
HIST 2310Western Civilization to 17153
or HIST 2311 History of World Civilization to the 17th Century
Choose 18 hours from the following:18
Ancient to Medieval Art
Renaissance to Modern Art
Renaissance Art
Special Problems
World Dance and Cultures
The Development of English
Global Medieval Literature
Early Medieval Literature of the British Isles
Medieval English Literature
British Poetry and Prose of the Sixteenth Century
British Poetry and Prose of the Seventeenth Century
Women Writers of the Middle Ages
Chaucer and His Time
The Later Shakespeare
Renaissance and Reformation
History of England to 1603
Medieval European History, 300-1400
Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1689
Origins of Christianity
Introduction to the History of Mathematics
History and Analysis of Music I
History of Philosophy Before 1600
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Greeks to 1600)
Modern Political Theory (1600 - 1900)
Islamic Law and Politics
Literatures of Spain I
Development of Technology
History of the Theatre I
Historical Costume Research
Total Hours24