Second Teaching Field in English (Grades 7-12)

For students who are seeking a teacher certification within their major and would like a second teaching field in English, the requirements are:

ENG 1310College Writing I3
ENG 1320College Writing II3
ENG 3301Critical Theory and Practice for English Majors3
ENG 3389The Discipline of English3
Select two of the following:6
British Literature before 1785
British Literature since 1785
World Literature before 1600
World Literature since 1600
US Literature before 1865
US Literature since 1865
Select three advanced hours from Group A3
Select three advanced hours from Group B3
Select three advanced hours from Group C3
Select one of the following from Group D:3
The Development of English
Modern English Syntax
Total Hours30

All students pursuing teacher certification must apply and be accepted to the Office of Educator Preparation

Group A - British Literature
ENG 3351Anglo-Saxon Language, Literature, and Culture 13
ENG 3352Medieval English Literature 13
ENG 3353British Poetry and Prose of the Sixteenth Century 13
ENG 3354Shakespeare 13
ENG 3356British Poetry and Prose of the Seventeenth Century 13
ENG 3357British Literature of the Restoration and Augustan Periods, 1660-1750 13
ENG 3359British Literature, 1750-1800 13
ENG 3362The British Romantics3
ENG 3365The British Victorian Period3
ENG 3368The British Novel3
ENG 3370Twentieth-Century British Literature3
ENG 4351Chaucer and His Time 13
ENG 4355The Later Shakespeare 13
ENG 4358Milton 13
Group B - American Literature
ENG 3309The Southwest in Film3
ENG 3326American Drama on Film3
ENG 3331Literature of Black America3
ENG 3333Early US Literature 13
ENG 3335US Literature 1865-1930: The Rise of Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism3
ENG 3336US Literature, 1930 to the Present: From Modernism to Contemporary Forms3
ENG 3338The American Novel3
ENG 3344Chicano/a Narrative and Social History3
ENG 3345Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region3
ENG 3346Southwestern Studies II: Consequences of Region3
ENG 3347American Poetry3
ENG 4325Literature of the Southwest3
ENG 4334US Romanticism3
Group C - World Literature 
ENG 3321The Short Story3
ENG 3322The European Novel3
ENG 3323Modern Poetry3
ENG 3325Russian Literature in Translation3
ENG 3327Types of World Drama in English 13
ENG 3328Types of World Drama in English (Modern)3
ENG 3329Mythology3
ENG 3341Studies in World Literature3
ENG 3350Medieval European Literature 13
ENG 3385Children's Literature3
ENG 3386Adolescent Literature3
ENG 3388Women and Literature3
ENG 3392Women Writers of the Middle Ages 13
ENG 3393Introduction to Canadian Literature3
ENG 4385Advanced Studies in Children's or Adolescent Literature3

Meets the requirement that majors must take at least 6 hours of Literature before 1800.