Minor in Southwestern Studies

This minor is administered by the Center for Southwestern Studies. Please contact the center for additional information.

The minor in Southwestern Studies requires 18 semester credit hours. No more than three courses, including the required courses, in a single department may count toward this minor. A course may not be used to satisfy both a major and a minor requirement. Relevant Honors and special topics courses may be substituted with permission from the Center for the Study of the Southwest.

Required Courses
ENG 3345Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region3
ENG 3346Southwestern Studies II: Consequences of Region3
Choose 12 hours from the following:12
Latin American Cultures
Archaeology of the Southwest
Mexican American Culture
Pre-Columbian Art
Aquatic Biology
Field Biology of Plants
Foundations of Bilingual and ESL Education
The Southwest in Film
Chicano/a Narrative and Social History
Literature of the Southwest
Latin America
Geography of Texas
History of Mexico
History of Mexico to 1848
Spanish Borderlands, 1521-1821
The Greater Southwest
Texas History: A Survey
Mexican American History
Planning and Development of Nature and Heritage Tourism
Internship in Nature and Heritage Tourism
Minority Politics
Government and Politics of Latin America
United States-Latin American Relations
Multicultural Relations
Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work
Latin American Literatures I
Latin American Literatures II
Latin American Civilization
The Latin American Novel
Hispanic Literature of the Southwest
Total Hours18