Minor in Latina/o Studies

The minor in Latina/o Studies requires 18 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
LATS 2300Introduction to Latina/o Studies3
LATS 4325 Latina/o Identities, Communities and Social Change3
Choose 12 hours from the following:12
Mexican American Culture
Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective
Art and Politics
Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Communication in the Americas
Leadership and Professional Development
Entrepreneurship in Schools, Communities, and the Workplace
Studies in World Literature
The Interdisciplinary Approach to Literature
Chicano/a Narrative and Social History
Literature of the Southwest
Latin America
World Population
American Ethnic Geography
History of World Civilization from the 17th Century
Immigration and US History
Health and Illness in American History
Mexican American History
Economic and Social History of the Americas
Latinas/Latinos and the Media
Ethnic and Niche Marketing
Salsa Del Rio
Orquesta del Rio
Latin American Philosophy
United States-Latin America Relations
Latina/o Politics
Psychology of Human Diversity
Latinx Psychology
Population Dynamics
Sociology of Latinos and Immigration
Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations
The Sociology of Popular Music
Social Movements
Advanced Composition for Spanish Heritage Speakers
Advanced Composition
Contemporary Aspects of Hispanic Linguistics
Hispanic Literature of the Southwest
Latinx Theatre and Performance
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre
Total Hours18