Minor in Studies in Popular Culture

The minor in Studies in Popular Culture requires 18 semester credit hours.  The minor is designed to acquaint students with trends in American popular culture. Techniques of research, social meanings and consequences of popular culture are the major foci of the minor.

Courses for the Studies in Popular Culture minor were selected because they deal with significant aspects of everyday life ranging from mass media through the history of cultural trends and phenomenon. The courses selected deal with subjects that both are influenced by and influence popular culture.

Required Course
SOCI 3317Popular Culture and Society3
or SOCI 3333 The Sociology of Popular Music
Choose 15 hours from the following:15
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Cultures Through Film
Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Nonverbal Communication-Gestures
Language, Culture and Society
Issues in Contemporary Art
The Arts in Popular Culture
The Dark Side of Communication
Social Media in Organizations
Introduction to the Study of Film
Advanced Topics in Film
The Southwest in Film
US Drama on Film
Studies in Mythology
Black Literature
Children's Literature
Adolescent Literature
Senior Seminar in Film
Advanced Studies in Children's or Adolescent Literature
Social and Intellectual History of the United States Since 1865
Topics in American Cultural History
Popular Music and Social Movements in 20th Century America
History of Music and Race in the American South
History of Country Music
History of the Blues
History of Rock and Roll
History of the United States, 1945 to 1968
History of the United States, 1968 to the Present
The History of Texas Music
Harry Styles And The Cult Of Celebrity: Identity, The Internet, And European Pop Culture
Mass Media and Society
Women and Minorities in the Media
History of Rock Music
History of Jazz
Philosophy of Sex and Love
Philosophy and Sport
Ethics and Dementia
Moral Psychology
Politics in Film
The Politics of Dystopia
Religion and Film
Popular Culture and Society
Social Stratification
The Sociology of Popular Music
Sociology of Sport and Leisure
Drugs and Society
Work and Society
Society and Environment
Food and Society
Technology and Society
Sociology of Sexuality
Total Hours18