Minor in Sustainability Studies

The minor requires 18 semester credit hours. Sustainability Studies examines the human dimensions of the environment and sustainability in an interdisciplinary context.  The program goals include providing students with an opportunity to explore the connections between social and physical systems, developing skills consistent with critical analysis and interdisciplinary knowledge for students who seek careers in sustainability, and a mechanism for students to learn about sustainability and to apply that knowledge to real-world problems.

Required Courses
PHIL 3323Environmental Ethics3
SOCI 3365Society and Environment3
Society and Sustainability
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
Environmental Communication and Sustainability
Urban Geography
Community and Regional Planning
World Population
Conservation Leadership
Parks and Protected Places
Philosophy, Nonviolence, Sustainability, and Social Change
Community Health
Environmental Health
Population Dynamics
Globalization and Development
Urban Society
Sustainable Cities
Food and Society
Sociology of Consumption
Technology and Society
Ecology and Sustainability
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
World Prehistory
History of Evolutionary Thought
Disease and Society
Rainforest Ecology
Ecology, Evolution and Society
Wildlife and Recreation: Impact, Policy, and Management
Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation
Global Environmental Change
Natural Resource Use and Management
Energy Resource Management
Geography of Health
Total Hours18