Minor in Data Analytics

The minor in Data Analytics requires 18-23 semester credit hours.  

Required Courses
QMST 2300Introduction to Analytics3
Statistics Courses
Choose 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics
Statistics For Criminal Justice
Research Methods in Geography
Statistics and Data Analysis for Human Development and Family Sciences
Healthcare Statistics
Engineering Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Analytical Techniques
Statistics in Public Health
Quantitative Research in Political Science
Introduction to Statistics
and Introduction to Statistics Laboratory
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Business Statistics
Computing/Programming Courses
Choose 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
Data Analysis and its Application in Agriculture
Programming for Scientists and Engineers
Foundations of Computer Science I
Research and Data Analytics for HIM
Introduction to Computational Modeling for Physics
Computational Methods for Analytics
Algorithms/Data Mining Courses
Choose 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
Introduction to Data Mining and Information Retrieval
Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineering Applications
Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning
Non-Linear Optimization Techniques
Advanced Linear and Integer Programming
Methods in Observational Astrophysics
Data Mining and Visualization
Prescribed Electives
Choose 6-8 hours from the following:6-8
Data Analytics for Accounting
Agricultural Price Analysis
Information and Data Visualization
Experimental Biochemistry
Analytical Biochemistry
Biochemistry Techniques
Computer Data Base Systems
Programming for Data Processing
Advanced Database Management Systems
Computer Information Systems Internship
Introduction to Database Systems
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Machine Learning
Parallel Programming
Empirical Data Analysis
Numerical and Scientific Data Analysis Using Python
Introduction to Computer-Aided Engineering Simulation on HPC Systems
Research Procedures in Family & Consumer Sciences
Introduction to Finance Analytics
Fashion Buying Principles I
Fashion Buying Principles II
Introduction to Geographic Information Techniques
Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Management and Implementation of GIS
Maps and Mapmaking
Advanced GIS
Urban Infrastructure Management
Databases in Healthcare
Principles of Information Governance
Research and Data Analytics for HIM
Introduction to Data Analysis
Quality Engineering
Operations Research
Statistical Design of Experiments
Reliability Engineering
Probabilistic Operations Research
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Applied Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis I
Advanced Probability and Statistics
Coding and Data Skills for Communicators
Data Journalism
Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Marketing Research
Digital Marketing and Analysis
Research Methods in Nutrition Science
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Statistical Physics
Intermediate Statistics
Statistical Modeling
Decision Analytics
Data Analytics
Applied Data Analysis
Quantitative Research Methods
Quality Assurance
Total Hours18-23