Minor in International Business

The minor in International Business requires 18 semester credit hours.  Obtaining an International Business minor will provide students with an understanding of the economic and financial differences across countries. It can also provide a broad background in international management and marketing. Only students seeking a B.B.A. degree are eligible to declare an International Business minor.

Required Courses
ECO 3353Comparative Economic Systems3
MGT 3375International Business3
MKT 4310International Marketing3
Prescribed Electives
Choose 9 hours of advanced courses from the following:9
Independent Study in Global Business
International Business Internship
International Trade Operations
International Business Law
International Economics
Emerging Market Economies
International Finance
Business French I
Business French II
Economic Geography
Geography of Europe
Latin America
Geography of North Africa and the Middle East
Geography of South and Southeast Asia
Geography of China and Japan
HIST Advanced Courses from Groups A and B
Business German in Global Economy
Advanced Japanese for Business
International Advertising
International Communication
Cross-Cultural Human Relations
Ethnic and Niche Marketing
Population Dynamics
Complex Organizations
Issues in World Politics
Politics of International Economic Relations
Men, Women, and Societies
Business Spanish I
Business Spanish II
Total Hours18