Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Major in Management (Leadership and Decision-Making Studies Concentration)

Minimum required: 120 semester credit hours

Admission Requirements

Admission to the McCoy College of Business Administration (McCoy College) is competitive, and a student must be admitted to the McCoy College to pursue a B.B.A. degree. Consideration for admission to McCoy College undergraduate programs is based on specific admission criteria and is conducted as a rolling admission process. For current Texas State students, applications are available online at For students not yet admitted to the University, applications are available online at Students should list a business major as their first major choice.

Priority dates are March 1 for summer/fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester. Applications received after the priority date will be considered for admission on a space-available basis. Students not yet admitted to Texas State must meet Texas State admission deadlines. Students attending Texas State who are currently on academic probation are not eligible for admission to McCoy College.

Freshmen and Students with fewer than 30 Semester Credit Hours

Students with fewer than 30 semester credit hours will be automatically admitted to the McCoy College if they receive assured admission to Texas State and select a first-choice major in the McCoy College of Business Administration. Students who are admitted to the University but denied admission to McCoy College will be considered for admission to their second choice major or as an exploratory professional major.

Students with 30 or more Semester Credit Hours

Students who have completed at least 30 semester hours, including ENG 1310, ENG 1320, and MATH 1329, either at Texas State or another college or university and who have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA will be considered for admission based upon a competitive index using the grades from ENG 1310,ENG 1320, MATH 1329, and the overall GPA from all colleges and universities attended. Students will be automatically admitted if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and have completed ENG 1310, ENG 1320 and MATH 1329.

General Requirements

  1. For the B.B.A. degree, any McCoy College student whose Texas State GPA drops below a 2.0 is placed on probation by Texas State and on restricted status by McCoy College. Students on restricted status must increase their Texas State GPA to at least 2.0 in the subsequent semester or their admission to McCoy College will be voided. Students are required to meet with a representative of the McCoy College Academic Advising Center to remove probation holds; otherwise, the hold will prevent registration or schedule changes. A student whose admission is voided may regain admission to McCoy College by going through the application process and competing with other applicants for openings. Students with a Texas State GPA below a 2.0 are also subject to the University academic probation and suspension policies.
  2. All students seeking the B.B.A. must complete the following general education core curriculum courses as required by McCoy College. The general education core curriculum courses are listed in the degree plan below along with the statewide component code number. See the General Education Core Curriculum section of this catalog for other information about the general education core curriculum.
  3. To provide a common body of knowledge in business, all students seeking the B.B.A. must complete the following common core of business courses or their equivalents as required by the McCoy College:
    B A 1310Introduction to Business3
    ISAN 1323Introduction to Microcomputer Applications3
    ECO 2314Principles of Microeconomics3
    ECO 2315Principles of Macroeconomics3
    ANLY 2333Business Statistics3
    ACC 2361Introduction to Financial Accounting3
    ACC 2362Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
    B A 3110Professional Development I1
    B A 3120Professional Development II1
    BLAW 3301Legal Environment of Business3
    FIN 3312Business Finance3
    MGT 3303Management of Organizations3
    MKT 3343Principles of Marketing3
    MGT 3353Business Communication3
    ISAN 3380Enterprise Information Technology and Business Intelligence3
    MGT 4335Strategic Management and Business Policy3
  4. A combination of courses in the major program area specified by the appropriate academic department and restricted upper-division business electives to complement the major are also required for the B.B.A.
  5. Free electives to achieve a minimum total of 120 semester hours are also required. To ensure compliance with the course requirements for a B.B.A. degree, students should follow the general sequence of courses specified for the curriculum in this section of the catalog. 
  6. Also, students who did not complete satisfactorily at least two years of the same foreign language in high school must complete two semesters (6-8 hours) of a single foreign language in college.
  7. Nine hours of designated “writing intensive” (WI) courses must be completed at Texas State to satisfy degree requirements.

  8. For transfer students, 24 semester credit hours in the business core curriculum (or their equivalents) may be transferred from a Texas public institution of higher education for the Business Administration and Management Field of Study and be applied to the B.B.A. major in Management at Texas State University. More information about the Field of Study is available in the Academic Policies section of this catalog. If transferring additional business courses, please contact the McCoy College of Business CenturyLink Academic Advising Center for assistance. The transferable Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) is listed below the Texas State University course number in the following course list. Students who complete MATH 1319 (TCCN: MATH 1324) in the FOS will receive 3 semester credit hours towards free electives.

    ISAN 1323Introduction to Microcomputer Applications3
    TCCN: BCIS 1305
    B A 1310Introduction to Business3
    TCCN: BUSI 1301
    ECO 2314Principles of Microeconomics3
    TCCN: ECON 2302
    ECO 2315Principles of Macroeconomics3
    TCCN: ECON 2301
    ACC 2361Introduction to Financial Accounting3
    TCCN: ACCT 2301
    ACC 2362Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
    TCCN: ACCT 2302
    ANLY 2333Business Statistics3
    TCCN: BUSI 2305
    TCCN: MATH 1324
    Total Hours24
  9. Students must achieve the following minimum grade-point averages for graduation:
  • a Texas State GPA of 2.00
  • a Business GPA of 2.25 (includes common business core, major(s), and restrictive/advanced electives); and
  • a GPA of 2.0 in the minor(s).

Course Requirements 

First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
ENG 1310 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1301])3ENG 1320 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1302])3
MATH 1329 (Mathematics Component 020 [TCCN MATH 1325])3PHIL 1320 (Language, Philosophy, and Culture Component Code 040 [TCCN PHIL 2306])3
POSI 2310 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2306])3Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303
COMM 1310 (Component Area Option Code 090/091 [TCCN SPCH 1311])3American History Component Code 0603
B A 1310 (TCCN BUSI 1301)3ISAN 1323 (TCCN BCIS 1305)3
US 11001 
 16 15
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
ACC 2361 (TCCN ACCT 2301)3ACC 2362 (TCCN ACCT 2302)3
ECO 2314 (Social and Behavioral Sciences Component Code 080 [ECON 2302])3ECO 2315 (TCCN ECON 2301)3
American History Component Code 0603POSI 2320 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2305])3
ANLY 23333Creative Arts Component Code 0503
Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303BLAW 3301 (TCCN BUSI 2301)3
 B A 31101
 15 16
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MKT 33433ISAN 33803
MGT 33033FIN 33123
MGT 33533MGT 43733
Free Electives6MGT 43753
B A 31201MGT 43723
 16 15
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MGT 43303MGT 43353
MGT 43703MGT 4390J3
Business, Advanced Elective26Restricted Advanced Business Elective3
Component Area Option 0903Free Electives3
 15 12
Total Hours: 120

Credit can be earned by successfully passing a test. Students must pay a fee to take the test.


The advanced electives in business may be chosen from any 3000-4000 level business course (ACC/B_A/BLAW/ISAN/ECO/FIN/MGT/MKT/ANLY) not already required in the degree, for which the student meet prerequisites, and available to any business major.

Restricted Advanced Business Elective

MGT 4340Quality Management and Beyond3
MGT 4371Business, Government, and Society3
MGT 4390TEffective Teams and Groups3
MGT 4390UManagement for Sustainability3
MGT 4395Management Internship3