Certificate in Adult English as a Second/Foreign Language

Certificate Program

The certificate in adult English as a second/foreign language is designed for individuals who desire to teach, design, and coordinate English as a second/foreign language (ESL or EFL) education programs for adults in community colleges, study abroad programs, and profit and not-for-profit institutions offering adult ESL/EFL instruction. Objectives for the certificate include preparing instructors through:

  • Studying and discussing research related to contemporary adult ESL/EFL learning practices,
  • Exploring theoretical perspectives supporting innovative adult ESL/EFL methodologies and approaches to assessing/testing adult students' language learning,
  • Articulating the relationships and connections between assessment/testing of student performance and program evaluation,
  • Designing activities that support and enhance inclusive adult ESL/EFL learning environments that cultivate respect for different cultural and linguistic backgrounds,
  • Designing activities and materials to teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing to adult ESL/EFL students, keeping in mind integration of language skills, and
  • Making informed/appropriate decisions when choosing textbooks, teaching materials, and assessment/evaluation methods congruent with program and student needs.

Course Work Requirements

Year 1
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHoursThird SemesterHours
ADED 53403ADED 53443ADED 53393
ADED 73423ADED 53383ADED 5384 or 53373
 6 6 6
Total Hours: 18

Admission Policy

For information regarding admission requirements and deadlines, please visit The Graduate College website at http://www.gradcollege.txstate.edu/Prospect_Students/Pgms_Apps/TXST_Cert.html