Department of Health Information Management

Health Professions Building Room 302
T: 512.245.8242 F: 512.245.8258

The mission of the Department of Health Information Management (HIM) at Texas State is to develop the skills and qualities needed to fulfill the multifaceted role of a health information management practitioner and to develop the attitudes and principles which will encourage continuing growth in the profession that is rapidly expanding in scope and responsibility in the dynamic environment of the health care industry. 

Health information management improves the quality of health care by insuring that the best information is available to make any healthcare decision. HIM professionals manage healthcare data and information resources. The profession encompasses services in planning, collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating individual patient and aggregate clinical data. It serves the healthcare industry including: patient care organizations, payers, research and policy agencies, and other healthcare related industries.

Projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be one of the 15 fastest growing occupations in the United States, HIM is an excellent career choice for the person who is seeking a healthcare profession that combines interest in computer sciences, business, management, legal procedures, and healthcare research. HIM professionals play a key role in making the healthcare system work. They perform the data collection and analysis that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals need to provide quality patient care.

More than half of new HIM graduates start with salaries in the $30,000 to $50,000 ranges. In five years, many of these graduates are earning up to $75,000. These professionals work in a broad range of settings that span the continuum of healthcare, including office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, and public health agencies. The growth of managed care has created additional job opportunities in HMOs, PPOs, and insurance companies.

Immunization Requirements

It is the policy of the College of Health Professions that each student must provide a health report completed by a physician and must take specific immunizations before the student can be placed in a clinical or internship assignment. Information on these requirements and the required forms may be obtained through the program/department/school office.

Background Check and Drug Screening

As a condition for placement in some professional practice sites, some students are required to have a background check and/or drug screening to meet requirements set by individual sites. Information on the drug screening process will be provided by program/department/school. Previous misdemeanor or felony convictions under various titles of the Texas Penal Code may affect eligibility for practitioner license status following graduation.

Master of Health Information Management (M.H.I.M.)

Dolezel, Diane M, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Gibbs, David L, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, Ph.D., Texas State University

Hewitt, Barbara A, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, Ph.D., Univ of Texas at San Antonio

McLeod, Alexander John, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, Ph.D., Univ of Texas at San Antonio

Moczygemba, Jacqueline A, Chair - Associate Professor, Health Information Management, M.B.A., Texas State University

Wang, Tiankai, Associate Professor, Health Information Management, Ph.D., Rutgers State Univ New Brunswick