School of Health Administration

Encino Hall Room 250
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Welcome to the School of Health Administration, which has steadily over the last 20 years assembled one of the best Health Administration (HA) faculties in the nation. The HA faculty have both educational preparation and the real-world experience necessary to maintain credibility with both students and employers of our students. The school boasts five faculty with the rank of professor teaching in HA, and nine faculty certified by the American College of Healthcare Executives at the highest level of Fellow. In addition, we have two faculty members certified at the highest level of Fellow in the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Immunization Requirements

It is the policy of the College of Health Professions that each student must provide a health report completed by a health care provider and must take specific immunizations before the student can be placed in field placement. Information on these requirements and the required forms may be obtained through the program/department/school office.

Background Check and Drug Screening

As a condition for placement in all professional practice sites, students are required to have a background check and/or drug screening to meet requirements set by individual sites. Information on the drug screening process will be provided by program/department/school. Previous misdemeanor or felony convictions under various titles of the Texas Penal Code will affect eligibility for placement in field experience.

Betancourt, Jose Alberto, Associate Professor, Health Administration, D.P.H., George Washington University

Brooks, Matthew S, Associate Dean, College of Health Professions and School Director - Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., Univ of South Carolina Columbia

Fulton, Lawrence V, Associate Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Greene, Lloyd, Senior Lecturer, Health Administration, Ed.D., George Washington University

Kruse, Clemens Scott, Associate Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Lee, Kimberly Ann, Lecturer, Health Administration, Ph.D., Univ of the Incarnate Word

Lieneck, Cristian H, Associate Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., Texas State University

Mackenzie, Todd Allan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Administration, M.S., University of North Texas

Mileski, Michael, Assistant Professor, Health Administration, M.H.A., Kaplan University

Morrison, Eileen, Professor, Health Administration, Ed.D., Vanderbilt University

Nowicki, Michael, Professor, Health Administration, Ed.D., University of Kentucky

Ramamonjiarivelo, Zo H, Associate Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., Univ of Alabama at Birmingham

Renick, Cecil O, Professor, Health Administration, J.D., Mississippi College

Rubenstein, David Aaron, Clinical Associate Professor, Health Administration, M.H.A., Baylor University

Shanmugam, Ram, Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., Temple University

Stigler, Paula Elaine, Assistant Professor, Health Administration, Ph.D., San Diego State University

Topinka, Joseph Baar, Asst Professor of Practice, Health Administration, L.L.M., Loyola University of Chicago