Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property

Abandoned and unclaimed personal property discovered on a system university campus shall be turned over to the University Police Department for safekeeping and standardized handling. Property shall be considered abandoned if it appears from the circumstances under which the University comes into possession of the property that the owner has thrown it away, has voluntarily left it, or has lost it without any intent or expectation to regain it.

Abandoned and unclaimed personal property acquired by the police department of a system university shall be held for a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the time the department acquires the property. If the property is reclaimed during that time, the University may charge the owner a reasonable storage fee. The University Police Department will develop appropriate procedures to facilitate the return of unclaimed personal property to the proper owners. A reasonable effort will be made to notify the owner.

After one hundred and twenty (120) days the property will be declared abandoned. After appropriate property checks that reflect the value of the property have been made, the property may be sold as part of a normal surplus property sale. For specifics on the handling and processing of abandoned and unclaimed property, please refer to University Policy and Procedure Statement 05.01.20.