Graduate Council

Dr. Andrea Golato, Dean, The Graduate College, Chair
Dr. Taylor Acee, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Dr. Farhad Ameri, Professor, Engineering Technology (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Lisa Baumgartner, Associate Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology (R)
Dr. Anthony Cross, Lecturer, Philosophy (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente, Associate Professor, History (2018-2021) (R)
Dr. David Dietrich, Associate Professor, Sociology (2021-2024) (R)
Dr. Celeste Domsch, Professor, Communication Disorders (2014-2023) (R)
Dr. Ravindranath Droopad, Professor, Ingram School of Engineering (2022-2024) (R)
Dr. Joe Etherton, Professor, Psychology (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. M. Clay Green, Professor, Biology (R)
Dr. Michel Haigh, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication (2017-2023) (R)
Dr. Michelle Hamilton, Associate Professor, Anthropology (R)
Dr. Paul Hart, Professor, International Studies (2016-2022) (R)
Dr. Jan Hodges, Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance (2017-2023) (R)
Dr. Michael Ippolito, Associate Professor, Music (2021-2024) (R)
Dr. Paul Jantz, Associate Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. Chang Ji, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2018-2024) (R)
Dr. Sean Kerwin, Professor, Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization (R)
Dr. J. David Kilby, Professor, Anthropology (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. James Koschoreck, Associate Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology (R)
Ms. Alice Lee, Assistant Professor, Art and Design (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. David Lemke, Professor, Biology (2006-2021) (R)
Dr. Kasey Martin, Associate Professor, Accounting (2017-2023) (R)
Dr. Ana Martinez, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance (2022-2024) (R)
Dr. Anne Hee-Hiong Ngu, Professor, Computer Science (R)
Dr. Kay Nicols, Associate Professor, Management (2018-2024) (R)
Dr. Suzanna Okere, Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy (R)
Dr. Greg Passty, Professor, Mathematics (2007-2022) (R)
Dr. Janet Payne, Professor, Finance and Economics (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. Wuxu Peng, Professor, Computer Science (2014-2023) (R)
Dr. Edwin Piner, Professor, Physics (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. J. Yuri Porras, Professor, World Languages and Literatures (2014-2023) (R)
Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Associate Professor, Health Administration (2021-2024) (R)
Dr. Nandhini Rangarajan, Associate Professor, Political Science (2016-2022) (R)
Dr. Diego Vacaflores Rivero, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (2021-2024) (R)
Dr. Lucia Summers Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Teya Rosenberg, Professor, English (2017-2023) (R)
Dr. Chris Russian, Professor, Respiratory Care (2017-2023) (R)
Dr. Jaymeen Shah, Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Shailen Singh, Assistant Professor, Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies (2018-2021) (R)
Dr. Kathy Smith, Assistant Professor, St. David's School of Nursing (2020-2023) (R)
Dr. Sharon Strickland, Associate Professor, Mathematics (R)
Dr. Pratheesh Omana Sudhakaran, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Sciences (2021-2024) (R)
Dr. Lindsay Timmerman, Associate Professor, Communication Studies (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Raphael Travis, Professor, Social Work (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Donna Vandiver, Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology (R)
Dr. Susan Waite, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2018-2024) (R)
Dr. Tiankai Wang, Professor, Health Information Management (2015-2024) (R)
Dr. Amy Weimer, Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences (2019-2022) (R)
Dr. Gail Zank, Professor, Marketing (2002-2023) (R)
Dr. F. Benjamin Zhan, Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies (R)

The Graduate Council also has two master's students and one doctoral student serving on the committee. The appointments rotate on a semester-by-semester basis among programs.

Ex Officio

Dr. Gene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (T)
Ms. Martha Fraire-Cuellar, University Registrar, University Registrar (T)
Dr. Denise M. Trauth, President, Texas State University (T)


Recommends Graduate College policies to the Dean of The Graduate College, who in turn administers the policies or submits recommendations to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President's Cabinet.  The Graduate Council also reviews standards for admissions, retention, and enrollment patterns, in concurrence with the Dean.  The Graduate Council also approves membership standards for graduate faculty.