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The mission of the International Office is to support the comprehensive internationalization goals of Texas State University and assist the university in developing and maintaining an internationally diverse student body, faculty, and staff by:

  • Serving as immigration and cultural advisors to international students and scholars; advocating on their behalf, and providing services and information that facilitate their cultural adjustment, social integration, retention and success;
  • Assisting the university at large, international students, scholars, alumni, faculty and staff in particular, in complying with various governmental policies and regulations;
  • Contributing to the research and teaching mission of the university by assisting with employment authorization for distinguished international scholars, faculty and staff;
  • Promoting global awareness and internationalization at the university by facilitating international agreements, and by administering international programming through hosting and sponsoring international events.

Health Insurance Requirement for F-1 and J-1 International Students

F-1 and J-1 international students are required to obtain coverage under the designated international student health insurance policy or apply for a waiver and present acceptable proof of other comparable and adequate health insurance coverage. International students must maintain continuous health insurance coverage from the time of enrollment to the time of completion of their degree program at Texas State or until transfer to another institution of higher education.

International students required by UPPS No. 07.09.04 to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment may apply for an online insurance waiver each semester if they can provide proof of coverage with an insurance plan providing at least the minimum coverage specified  in sections 04.01 and 05.01 of UPPS No. 07.09.04. Acceptable proof of coverage is limited to (1) the university-endorsed student health insurance plan, (2) government-sponsored plan, or (3) U.S. employer-sponsored plan. The amounts of coverage must appear in U.S. dollars on the proof of coverage provided. The insurance must be underwritten by an insurer  with an established record of claims payment in the United States. International students seeking to obtain an insurance waiver must provide the appropriate documentation by the published deadlines using the online waiver system provided by the health insurance administrator. Waiver requests after the waiver deadline will not be accepted.

Exchange students are not eligible to submit a waiver and must purchase the International Student Health Insurance plan.

Email notifications will be sent to the student’s Texas State email account regarding the health insurance requirement each semester. Information is available at:

Students who do not meet this requirement by the deadline date, will have a “Hold” placed on their student account. A “Hold” will prevent them from changing classes, registering for the next semester classes, applying for OPT, and receiving your diploma.  The health insurance hold can jeopardize F-1 status due to not maintaining F-1 requirements of enrollment. After this deadline, students will only be able to have their “Hold” removed by showing proof of purchase and enrollment in the student health plan. An email copy of the payment receipt or email confirmation from Academic Health Plan will need to be sent to in order for a hold to be removed.

For more information on the international student health insurance requirement and deadlines see here:

Contact the International Office at for questions about this requirement.