Extension Courses

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning offers many college courses not normally offered through the academic departments/schools. Extension courses may be offered on campus, online, hybrid/blended, or as part of a faculty-led Study-in-America or Off-Campus program. The times and locations for such courses depend on student need, faculty availability, and demand. Enrollment for an extension class is completed through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning and does not constitute acceptance as a regular student at Texas State.

Degree Credit for Extension Course Work

The department chair and the dean of The Graduate College must approve extension work for it to be credited toward a graduate degree. Students must meet the admission requirements as identified under the "Master's and Doctoral Degree-Seeking Applicants” section and be accepted in a degree program before extension work can receive degree credit. Extension course work cannot be used toward a doctoral degree at Texas State.

A maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate credit may be earned in extension courses offered by Texas State.

Extension Transfer Credit

Up to three semester hours of the total allowable six hours of transfer credit for a degree may be earned through extension courses from another accredited institution. Students admitted on “Conditional Admission” or students on “Probation/Suspension” will not receive credit for transfer work taken under the aforementioned status.

For more information on Extension Studies at Texas State, visit http://www.extension.txstate.edu/.